First Class Tinting

 Are you looking to get your car, truck or SUV windows tinted? call or drop in to First Class Tinting, and get a price on your tinting today!

First Class Vehicle Tinting

  Here at First Class Tinting our professionally trained technicians use only high performance film that comes with a lifetime warranty. The film also offers up to 58 % heat rejection, and 99 % ultraviolet rejection. All our tints are done by computer cut to insure a professional installation with no gaps or seams. With the computer cutting system the film is never cut on the vehicle. There for preventing any damage to the vehicle.

Residential / Commercial Tinting

 First Class Tinting also offers residential and commercial tinting to keep heat in during the winter months and keep the heat out during those warm summer days. Not to mention the glare reduction on displays, mobile, and comptuer screens. Tinting the windows will reduce fading of upholstery/ carpets and hardwood floors as well. 

First Class Detailing

 Here at First Class Tinting we offer top-notch detailing. With many different packages to choose from, your interior and exterior will sparkel once again!
   Whether you just want a quick vacuum, to having your vehicle polished top to bottom. Steam cleaning, buffing, wash, wax, chrome rubber vinyl polish, windows, salt stain to engine shampoo we do it all.
Check some of our detailing options.
Email or Call for more information.

Rust Proofing

 Rustproofing service now available. Call 519 941 4700, or use our email form to contact us for more details.
   Corrosion FREE protects your vehicle against damage caused by severe temperature changes, acid rain and winter driving conditions. It is designed to penetrate the seams and crevices. It eliminates moisture and maintains a dry Arizona-type condition in the inner panels. That’s why vehicles don’t rust in the Arizona desert.
   It terminates rust and corrosion in all metals, it protects vinyl and plastic surfaces from UV rays and improves the function of moving parts through lubrication. Unlike oil spray applications, Corrosion FREE has the ability to cling to the metal, even in high pressure car washes. The low cost of a Corrosion Free treatment makes a lot of sense and gives customers peace of mind.

Bug Deflectors & Vent Visors

 Have Bug Deflectors & Vent Visors ordered and installed quickly by our professional staff.

Clearsheild & Paint Protection

 Tired of the plastic bug deflector? Try clear shield. Clear shield offers the next generation of protection for a vehicle's paint finish - whether to preserve a vehicle's appearance or minimize leased vehicle turn back charges.
   First Class Tinting added clear shield protective coating to its list of add-ons to your vehicle. The advantage is clear. With Clear shield paint protection film, the most vulnerable areas of a vehicle have an extra measure of protection from:
◦ Insect stains and abrasions
◦ Scratches and nicks
◦ Small road debris damage
◦ Winter road salt and sand

Accessories & Installations

  At First Class Tinting we source, order, and install everyhing for you. Our Techs are on hand to install all your accessory needs, for any type of year, make, or model. We can get all types of accessories for your vehicle. From exhaust tips, to hitches, Nerf bars to hood scoops etc.
   If you want it we can get it! For the accessories that aren’t in stock, we have next day delivery when needed.
Some of our available accessories:

Truck Caps & Tonneau Covers

 Are you a contractor and looking for a contractor cap for your truck? We can order the Leer cap that fits your truck, call or stop in and we can get what you are looking for and pricing. First Class Tinting, 281 Broadway Orangeville. 

 First Class Tinting and Auto Accessories offers a large variety of Tonneau Covers from Extang, Undercover, Fold a Cover. Rugged Cover just to name a few. We also have fiber glass truck caps and covers from Leer and Hawk. There are many different styles and options to suit your truck. They can be of different colors and materials. Covers and caps can be painted to match your vehicle. From commercial to standard there is no option to much that can’t be done for your caps. Just a few of the styles from Leer and Hawk are cab high caps, wedge caps, contractors cap, Tonneau covers and many more. They also provide a large amount of different styles of windows and doors for your cap depending on what is needed for you. Also available are ladder racks if needed.

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